Using Freebike 2.0 app with iOS

Previous issues in the iOS version of the Freebike 2.0 (iPhone) have been partially fixed, but it may not be possible to rent a bike with QR code reader. You can rent a bike by manually entering the ID of the bike in the application or by selecting the bike from the application via the station information. If you cannot rent a bike with these instructions, you can contact the Vilkku bike customer service.

Station changes for the duration of the KuopioRock event 28.7.-2.8.

We will open a temporary Kuopiorock city bike station on Wednesday 28th of July at 8:00 to the Lappalaisenkatu parking lot. The station is open until Monday 2.8. 8:00. You can find the exact location of the station in the Freebike app and at
Use of the station does not require access to the event area.
Due to the event, the Brahenpuisto and Väinölänniemi city bike stations will be closed between 28.7. at 8:00 - Mon 2.8. 8:00

Vilkku bikes team

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