The Vilkku city bike (Vilkku-fillarit) is the first electronic stationless city bike in the Nordic countries.
Vilkku city bikes are communal bikes everyone can use by purchasing a pass through the Freebike App. There are 150 bikes in total and 20 city bike stations around Kuopio city area.

The Vilkku city bike is a new, handy and sustainable option for moving in the Kuopio city cennter area. You can easily spot a Vilkku city bike from its distinctive and unified look. The city bike stations are also easy to recognize even from afar from their turquoise coloring.

The city bikes are mainly intended for short commutes and trips between locations in a way that they would be available for the next user as soon as possible. The goal is to have as many city bikes available and that as many people as possible could use them on a daily basis.

In order to use a Vilkku city bike one has to download a Freebike app to their mobile phone. The app also tells you where the available bikes are located and you can do purchases through it. The user instructions are printed at the bike stations info signs and here.
The challenging and versatile terrain in Kuopio was the main argument for choosing e-bikes as the city’s city bikes as they could replace cars for longer distances more easily than traditional bikes. With the city bike system, electric bikes will be available for everyone living in, and visiting, Kuopio.
The electronic city bikes also support Kuopios programme for resource wisdom and its goal to make Kuopio the best e-biking city in Finland. Also included in the Kuopio 2030 strategy is the main goal of resource wise Kuopio, which consists of wise moving and low-carbon travel chains. The goal of Kuopio’s strategy and wise moving according to the programme for resource wisdom is to develop the city’s urban structure and traffic system in a way that it supports carbon-free traffic and promotes the health and wellbeing of the citizens. In addition, biking and foot traffic will be promoted and low-carbon public transportation systems will be developed.  


Welcome biking!

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