To start using a Vilkku bike is quick and easy. Simply follow the 6-point path:
If you have not yet registered:
1. Lataa sovellus2. Rekisteröidy3. Osta käyttöoikeus

 1. Download the Freebike application     

 2. Register as a user

 3. Buy a pass   

Once you have registered and bought a pass:
4. Ota fillari käyttöön5. Fillaroi!6. Palauta

 4. Collect a bike

 5. Ride!

 6. Return


The Terms of Use of Vilkku bikes are available here.



Vilkku bikes are rented primarily using the Freebike mobile application.
Load the application by clicking the below icon or search for it in the App and Google Play stores of your mobile device using Freebike as the search word. The application is available both in Finnish and English.


You will recognize the correct application from this logo:





To access a Vilkku bike you need to register as a user. Register either in the Freebike application or here. You cannot register at the Kuopio customer service or any other service point.  
Fill in your contact and personal details, submit your payment card information and agree to the Terms of Use.
Your cyclist ID and PIN code will be sent to your phone via text message (SMS). The credentials are personal, do not give them to others.




Buy the access rights for a per-minute charge, day, week, month or the whole cycling season. During the period of validity of your access rights you can make and unlimited number of 30-minute rides. When you ride the bike continuously for more than 30 minutes, an overage fee will be charged.

By buying a pass with a per-minute charge, you can register as a user in advance. You will be charged only after collecting a bike and having started biking. A per-minute pass is valid for end of calendar day. You can buy a new different pass only after the per-minute pass has expired (after end of calendar day). You cannot use the pause feature with a per-minute pass.

To register as a Vilkku city bike user you need to select and purchase one of the passes in order to submit your payment card information and register successfully. This doesn’t apply to the per-minute pass which can be selected while registering. The pass you have bought while registering will be valid and you can start biking as soon as you have received your cyclist ID.

Access rights can be bought in the Freebike application or here



You can collect any Vilkku bike available near you. The easiest way to locate one is to use your Freebike app. See detailed instruction on how to locate a bike.
Use The Freebike application to scan the bike’s QR code when you want to access a bike. You can also use Vilkku bikes without the Freebike application if you register a contactless card into your user account (e.g. Waltti travel card). See instructions in the application.
The application tells you when the bike has been taken into use and asks you to press the brake handle of the bike you have chosen. Vilkku bikes are electric-assist bikes. Use the Freebike app to choose the desired engine profile before you start to ride. The power setting will be automatically applied every time you collect a bike. A Vilkku bike can also be used as a normal bike.



5. RIDE!

Once you have bought the access rights, you may ride the bike continuously for 30 minutes without an overage fee. If you use the bike continuously for more than 30 minutes without returning it, an overage fee will be charged.  Return the bike latest within three hours.
You can use the pause feature of your Vilkku bike, for instance, while you go shopping (excluding a per-minute tariff).  Use the Freebike application to set the pause. A Vilkku bike in a pause mode is not available for other users.
You may ride only in the urban zone of Kuopio. More detailed zone limits are available in the Freebike application or here.




Return the Vilkku bike to a citybike station. You may return the bike also to the designated return zone in the centre of Kuopio against a fee.  
See the location of citybike stations and the designated return zone in the Freebike application or here.

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